Our Goal:

To help clients minimize their tax liability and maximize their tax return through these professional services:


Known by some as “the language of business”, accounting has long been the practice of tracking the financial performance of businesses and entities. Every business needs to practice proper accounting methods, and an accounting practice, such as ours, can be to a business like a doctor is to a person, keeping our finger on the “pulse” of your business, creating financial reports and monitoring the business’s overall health.

An accountant can display to the business owners where the business is currently with regards to its financial fitness and help the business owners create cash flow projections of future growth plans. Thus, helping the business owners have a greater understanding of where their business financial health currently resides and how they can help it become or stay healthy in the future.

Personal Tax Preparation

Almost every US resident must file a state and federal tax return; however, the proper compiling of that return can make a significant impact on tax liability or the tax return the filer will receive. Today’s technology makes it easier to file a tax return, however just because it’s easier to file, doesn’t mean that it is wise to file without proper knowledge or training.

A tax return can be a major addition to your bank account and cash flow. Wouldn’t it be wise to have a trained professional, with decades of experience in gaining the largest tax refunds allowed by law, and minimizing the tax liability, file your return? Wealthy people are considered to be wise, and the wealthiest of people hire a professional to lower their tax exposure or gain the highest return, shouldn’t you?

Business Tax Preparation

All businesses are required to file an annual tax return even if they did not earn any revenue for that year. Filing a business tax return can be complex, with local and federal laws constantly changing. Opportunities exist for a business to capitalize on deductions, depreciating schedules and capital gain reductions, providing the business qualifies and the party preparing the business return is aware of these opportunities.

Cash flow to a business is like blood to a person... extremely important and necessary for its survival! Properly prepared business tax returns can help keep the business in compliance as well as help keep its cash flow in a positive position, lowering its tax liability, maximizing its allowable deductions and credits and operating as it should to benefit its owner’s interest.


Bam! It happened, your first employee! Congrats! However, what follows is the responsibility of: wages, recordings, tax withholding, FICA withholdings, FICA matchings, reporting and more. As the business prospers and the employee base grows the responsibilities grow as well, as do the consequences to the business owners if the records aren’t kept properly or the recordings filed in a timely manner.

Not to worry, we have you covered. We have a department dedicated to the payroll services of our clients so that their employees are paid properly, taxes are withheld correctly and reports and fees are submitted on time. This allows you, the business owners, to concentrate on operating your business and meeting, or surpassing, its goals for growth. When it comes to the payroll needs for your business... we’ve got it handled.


Bookkeeping is the practice of tracking and recording the financials of a business. Such items as its sales, expenses, payroll, purchases, operating costs, payments and more. Without proper bookkeeping techniques, the business owners would not be able to adequately understand the financial workings of the day-to-day operations of the business.

Properly kept business books can often become a useful tool when evaluating the business’s value, or determining the business’s sales price, as it reflects the overall sales of the business, as well as its cash flow both before and after related expenditures. Proper Bookkeeping is not a luxury to a business, but a necessity as it organizes the business’s financial items and quickly displays to the business owners their costs, expenses and profits.

Entity Formations/Notary

An entity can come in various forms, such as: LLC, Incorporation, Trust, Partnership, Limited Partnership and more. Most common are the LLC and Incorporation. Forming the entity requires proper filing and documentation with both state and federal authorities and the issuance of a federally generated tax identification number.

While completing the process of the formation can be tedious, our office can handle all that is required in the formation of these entities and assure compliance with the proper filings.

Additionally, we offer Notary services during standard operating hours as the service may be needed by the community members we serve.

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